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User Experience | 24th September 2018

What is UX (user experience) design?

UX design is about understanding customer needs, ensuring products deliver value, a delightful experience and above all, a usable, functional and a frictionless user journey.

Take products such as Spotify or Airbnb, they excel because they were built around their users. Having a great experience isn’t an accident as every step of your interaction with the product will have been purposely created by a team of UX designers.

Your journey as a customer will have been mapped out, previous pain points from customers examined, improvement hypotheses tested and introduced to the customer journey and any frictions will have been addressed and ultimately removed. This process is continually iterated to improve the service.

Now think about a product that consistently frustrates you. Why do you think that is? It may be that the company has a disconnect from their customers, they don’t understand you and your needs, or it could be that their processes are misaligned. This is what a user experience designer will work on to solve, they can change the way in which customers feel about a product and in turn will increase revenue and loyalty.

Many companies are starting to take note and realise their customers need to be understood. The way a brand interacts with users and the way in which users interact with their service needs to be flawlessly designed in order for a business to succeed.


As well as understanding customer needs, the role of a UX designer is to make users feel good when interacting with a product. They make it their mission to understand the feelings and emotions of the user and build products that make you feel good, removing any frustrations whilst using them.

"UX design in software development is imperative. To simply create new software isn't our end goal. We strive to make products that customers want to keep on using, and to do this we need to do everything we can to understand customers and design experiences that delight"

So how do you build a product that has the user in mind? Typical questions a UX designer will ask themselves will be:

Who are our customers? What is important to them? Why do they care? What are our users trying to do? What are their pain points? What is the problem we are aiming to solve? What is the business opportunity? How do we define the success of this project?

The role of a UX designer is varied and there are many tasks and tools they can use to achieve their goals. UX design can be adopted into projects of varying sizes and budgets and aligning your business with your customers’ needs will pave your way to success.

Build experiences your customers will love and see where it takes you.

Written by
Jeremy King
Jeremy is a Director at New Socks Media.

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