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Development | 5th February

Scouting for talent

We’ve been on a busy journey since launching 18 months ago and we’re looking for new talent to join our team in central Milton Keynes.

There is only so much we can place on a job advert and we wanted to provide more detail to anyone wanting to know more about life here at New Socks.

We started with a dollar and a dream… That dream was to launch a UX focused agency, working on developing great digital products that meet user and business needs. Since then our dreams have got bigger and our ambition greater, with the signing of new digital partners and the need to move to a larger studio ready to accommodate our growing team.

Right now, we’re looking for two software developers and a BA with experience working in an agile enviroment to join us on our journey.

In order to understand us better we have written our principles out as a guide to everyone working here, this ensures we all have a shared understanding of what is expected of us.

1. Do the right thing - we believe in doing the right thing, even if proves to be hard.

2. Collaboration without ego - we stand up for what we believe in whilst listening and learn from each other, with a willingness to change our opinions as we do.

3. Learn & share - we’re a place for talented individuals to learn and grow together. We don’t want to be the same agency we were yesterday.

4. Use the right tools - tech is always advancing. We encourage trialling and adopting new technologies, to ensure we always have the right tools for the job.

5. Face challenges head-on - we take a direct approach when tackling every challenge, big or small. We don’t just take the easy route.

6. Be honest - we value openness and authenticity.  In order to be trusted, we need to be honest.

7. Be brave - speak out, don’t be afraid to fail, rise to the challenge and do your best.

You’ll be pleased to know that we’re excited by technology and keeping up with the latest developments within our industry. That’s why we have a tech radar, where the technology shaping the future is placed, ready to be trialled and tested, to see if it makes it into our stack. We promise to use the right tools for the job and select the right stack in order to deliver results for our digital partners.

Everyone is assigned a training budget of £500 per person, that can be used on any related courses, conferences, or books. When we return from our courses or finish the books we have read we run brown bag sessions, that are open events for the team to join to share in the excitement of what has been learnt.

Our focus is simple; we empower great people to do great work, focusing on quality, creativity and collaboration. By doing the right thing, we build lasting relationships with our digital partners, who trust us to help pave the way to their success.

We work as a team and everyone has a voice. You’re trusted to make decisions and be a part of shaping our business for tomorrow.

If you would like to know more about the specific roles we're hiring for at the moment then please feel free to visit them below, or contact us directly.

Hero image by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Written by
Jeremy King
Jeremy is a Director at New Socks Media.

Scouting for talent.

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