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User Experience | 22nd October 2018

When to turn to a Design Sprint

At New Socks Media we run Design Sprints because the default product development cycle doesn't check how customers will react to your new product or feature until after it launches, which could mean expensive and lengthy development cycles to get it right. Using a Design Sprint we create a tangible prototype and get real user feedback much earlier, creating validation and a clearer path to success.

If you are stuck on how to move a product forward, or are looking to test a new one then a Design Sprint gives you a safe enviroment to do so.

A Design Sprint puts outcomes over outputs and getting started over being right. It will you take through a process that delivers a prototype(s) that is tested on real users, all in 4-days!

Imagine if you had an idea and in 4-days time you could know if you were right or wrong? Imagine if you could get the answer to this before moving into a costly development cycle! The great news is, you can! Let's take your idea, prototype it, test it and get you valuable answers in less than a week.
-Jeremy King

1. When you want to see into your products future

On day four of the Design Sprint we run user tests. The users who are invited in to test your product go through our vetting process to ensure credibility, which allows for feedback that you would have to usually wait for until after your product was launched.

With the feedback we recieve at the end of day four we can make better decisions on how to take your product forward. Did they like it? Does it need to change? With the answers to these questions so early on, we can make changes and pivot far easier than if we had to re-engineer the product to do so.


2. When your idea can't fail

How can your idea fail if what we are doing is creating a prototype for validation and feedback? If it doesn't pass, then we haven't failed. What we have done is gathered valuable user feedback without investing weeks or months building something to find out just that. We have effectively avoided failing.

If we do receive mixed or negative feedback, then we can run an iteration sprint to address the users feedback and move the product closer to being production ready.


3. When you want to unlock untapped potential

When we say getting started over being right, what we mean is the end of brainstorming and focus groups that concentrate on ideas and not solutions.

Generally during these sessions not everyone is heard and abstract ideas end up being given more attention than they are worth.

During a Design Sprint we work together, alone. Everyone will be in the same room, working together but everyone has the opportunity to add their thoughts into the mix. The Design Sprint is designed to conjur creativity and a level playing field for all. There are times we will be voting on ideas, but even when we are doing this as a group we are doing this alone, which means no one influences the group or outcome. This allows you to unlock untapped potential as everyone has the opportunity to put forward ideas.


With regards to which product we would use to run a Design Sprint, we would run one for any of these scenarios:

  • Creating brand new products
  • Adding new services to existing products
  • Problems with user engagement

The next time you have a product that fits any of the above scenarios and the risk of failing exceeds the cost of running a Design Sprint for validation, then perhaps you should contact us and book us to show you why a Design Sprint is such a great idea.

Written by
Jeremy King
Jeremy is a Director at New Socks Media.

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