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We're an agency focused on bringing ideas to life. We use strategy, design and code to create waves and achieve goals.

  • Design sprint.

    Using a design sprint we can take your idea and create a prototype to be tested in just 4-days. Saving you time and getting validation quickly.

  • User experience strategy.

    We bridge the gap between digital and reality, creating digital products that people love to use. We use user experience strategies to measure the impact our products have on people and work to continually improve experiences by data gathered via user feedback.

  • Technical strategy.

    Our technical team are always pushing the boundaries and testing new technology to ensure our partner's digital future is well looked after. It is our promise that your product dictate the technology and not the technology dictate your product.

  • Infrastructure strategy.

    We understand the importance of supporting a business and we provide support and infrastructure services a that a growing business needs.

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Every project starts with a plan; and at New Socks Media we take the strategy behind your product seriously. We believe in understanding your customer’s needs and the market place you’re in or moving into. We build products that engage and delight your users; we’re here to make waves.

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Strategy and planning
  • Rapid prototyping.

    Using rapid prototyping techniques allows us to get many ideas out into the open quickly for testing. This process takes us from sketching, to wireframes, to prototypes that look and feel close to a real product, fast.

  • Interactive prototypes.

    We create interactive prototypes that look and feel like a real product, which we use to gather user feedback on usability and interactions.

  • Component creation.

    We create reusable components that allow us to get a deep understanding of how each one works independently. This will ensure your products design is scalable and kept consistent.

  • User interface design.

    Using our user-centred design approach we bring ideas to life that are built to leave a positive and lasting memory.

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We tell your brand's story through design, and at the heart of our designs is the passion to delight. Our designs are strategy led and start from wireframes and prototypes to ascertain if we are putting our best foot forward. Once passed testing, we bring your design to life.

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Design sprint meeting
  • Agile methodology.

    We use an agile approach which enables us to deliver working software frequently and to adapt to change to ensure business requirements and your customers are always at the forefront of our development process. working this way gives our partners a competitive advantage.

  • Website development.

    When you need a website to not only delight its users but also be built to deliver a reliable, secure and scalable solution then our strong engineering team are on hand to ensure your success.

  • Software development.

    We’re always pushing the boundaries with technology, couple this with our user led approach, and agile delivery method we give you an unfair advantage. We’re here to build you great software.

  • App development.

    Let’s turn your idea into a reliable application, that delights its users. From initial discovery through to development, we will ensure we’re putting our best foot forward to reach your ideas full potential.

  • API development & integration.

    API development is a great way to easily allow information to be seamlessly distributed across services. We can help with developing your own APIs or integrating services.

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Product development.

We bring our experience to your project, developing your product using the latest technologies. Technology we are always advancing and pushing the boundaries to ensure we choose the right tools for your job.

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  • Infrastructure strategy.

    Before we begin building your product we need to plan the right infrastructure. Our technical team will be looking at what infrastructure best supports your product so we can create a robust and scalable strategy to take your product forward.

  • Monitoring.

    We monitor your product so we are able to keep an eye on its operational and user activity. If anything unexpected happens then we are able to proactively react and keep your service running smoothly.

  • Cloud services.

    We use cloud services to host our digital products to provide you with a flexible, affordable and scalable solution.

  • Business continuity planning.

    We understand interruption or loss of your product can have a negative impact on your business. We can work with you to create a plan that will work to keep your product running during the unexpected.

  • Support.

    We provide our partners with leading support to ensure their business is kept running without disruption. We’re invested in your success and believe in offering the very best support services.

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This is where your digital product lives and the right infrastructure will support the up-scaling of your product. Getting this right from the outset will save you time and money later on down the line.

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infrastructure planning