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Design Sprint.

A Design Sprint is a system for creating a user tested prototype in just 4 days. We work with your team to validate new ideas, or improve existing ones.

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New Socks Media - Design Sprint Summary

“It was the best training I’ve ever had. Although it wasn’t training, it felt like it, as we went so deeply into the system.”

Graeme Edgar

Sales Manager, WF

Why a design sprint?

Technical strategy

Execute ideas quickly.

Solve big business challenges with us in just 4 days. Design Sprints are ideal for rapidly rethinking existing products or creating totally new ones with your team.

Replace guesswork

Replace guesswork with real feedback.

We put a working prototype infront of your customers after just 4 days, collecting valuable early feedback and giving you clear insights on where to go next.

Beat your competitors.

Chances are your marketplace is constantly evolving and your competitors are innovating quickly. A Design Sprint can get the right product to market in less time.

We use Design Sprints to…

  • Validate entirely new solutions

    Validate entirely new solutions

  • Rethink and fix existing solutions that don’t engage

    Rethink and fix existing solutions that don’t engage

  • Get rapid feedback on your biggest business challenges

    Get rapid feedback on your biggest business challenges

What’s the end result?

At the end of every 4-day Design Sprint you will get an interactive, digital prototype, with insights and data from real users, helping you to decide on your next steps.

The end result The end result

Sprint Breakdown.

Clients in house. Day 1
Day 1

Define the challenges and produce a mass of solutions together.

Clients in house. Day 1
Day 2

Curate and vote on the best solutions and define the prototype with a storyboard.

Day 1
Day 3

Build the prototype and set up user tests.

Day 1
Day 4

Test the prototype with real users and use the feedback to create clear next steps.

What you get.

  • Pre-flight Sprint research

    Pre-flight Sprint research

  • 4 days of our Design Sprint 2.0

    4 days of our Design Sprint 2.0

  • All prototypes

    All prototypes

  • Targeted user validation

    Targeted user validation

  • User test video highlights

    User test video highlights

  • Executive summary PDF to share

    Executive summary PDF to share

  • Design assets

    Design assets

  • We plan the next steps

    We plan the next steps

What happens after a Sprint?

Once you have a tangible representation of your product in your hand, and real user insights to guide your next steps, making decisions becomes a lot easier. You have three main options:

  • 1. Complete a follow-up Design Sprint, making improvements from user feedback
  • 2. Take your product and research for development
  • 3. Take your findings to stakeholders for buy-in

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