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What did we do?

Discovery and research, user experience strategies, brand strategy & architecture, technical strategy, product strategy, positioning, stylescape creation, user experience design, user interface design.

The end result.

With over 15 years of experience in SMS marketing, Power2SMS are a leading text messaging provider in the UK. New Socks Media were commissoned to create a new digital platform for the brand; redesigning existing templates and creating new functionality.

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Adding to the Power2 brand.

Power2SMS didn’t have any established guidelines, giving our designers the opportunity to create new brand attributes. Taking inspiration from the existing blue logo, a friendly colour palette and style guide were born.

Bright, light colours, sans-serif fonts and fun rounded icons work to counterbalance functional, data heavy interfaces. The end result combines the new creative interface with data-driven strategies to provide a user focused end-to-end experience.

Colour palette
  • #DAEF81
  • #2EE3B3

  • #468DE5
  • #634EE9
  • #494C5B

font-family: ‘Lato’


We ran a discovery session and dove deep into the brand. We held stakeholder interviews to understand the brand's vision. We then did our customer research, built personas and customer journey maps. With all this information we were able to take the project to the next phase and start to plan out the flow of the application.

HMW Build
deeper connections
between business
and customer
HMW Ensure
customer data
is secure

Site mapping.

Before focusing on beautiful interfaces we got our Post-its out and looked at the current Power2SMS website structure. We re-structured the site and identified where content would sit and what would need to be produced. Doing this we gained a deeper understanding of the relationship between different pages.

Site map

We got busy with
UX design.

So, how does a simplified sitemap develop into hi-fi wireframes? Turning a customer’s list of requirements into a user friendly application takes planning, testing and lots of iterating. That’s where the UX designers come in, transforming user flows into low-fi, then hi-fi wireframes.

Basic user flow


Before our UX designers created functional prototypes for user testing they produced sketches which transitioned into the hi-fi wireframes you see here. Several rounds of user testing resulted in various iterations being produced, each reducing any areas of friction whilst keeping high levels of functionality.

Power2SMS wireframes

The UI designers get creative.

Arguably the most exciting phase for the customer, seeing their ideas come to life in the form of hi-fi visuals. Using Sketch and Invision, our design team created end to end visuals and a custom icon set for Power2SMS.

Power2SMS screenshot
Power2SMS icon
Power2SMS icon
Power2SMS icon
User interface example

Developers bring the vision to life.

Our team of specialist front and back-end developers create pixel perfect interfaces from the research and visuals created by our UX and UI designers. The end result is a slick and secure platform that focuses on the experience of the end user and as our engineering team are involved from project inception and work closely alongside designers and stakeholders, this means they are able to fully understand the softwares needs and requirements from a user's view.