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Why we created it

With the recent introduction of GDPR we believed it was time to use our digital prowess to solve a problem we were hearing many companies talk about. How to keep site visitor's details safe and secure. We then developed the initial concept, looking at how we could improve the customer experience when signing in, how we could help receptionists and the wider company with alerts when their visitor arrived and how we could provide name badges so they'd know who was on site - SignedIn became much more than a sign in book it became your new receptionist.

Video coming soon
Video coming soon

Designing a brand

There’s so much more to designing a new brand than creating a great logo but as it’s often the first things users see, it’s also where we started. As the SignedIn platform is totally customisable for each client we wanted the SignedIn logo to be clean and simple, keeping the user’s focus on your brand and on their task at hand, signing in.

Complimentary blues and a rich orange were carefully picked to highlight call to actions and special features on the platform.

Colour palette
  • #4DB7FF
  • #0F4BA8

  • #FE6700
  • #27282E

font-family: ‘Open Sans’

SigndIn stylescape SignedIn stylescape


We had heard the challenge and now needed to dive deeper into understanding what we were solving. We interviewed people who were faced with the challenge of displaying visitor's details and not being GDPR compliant. We uncovered new information from creating real user stories and creating journey maps with our interviewees. The problems SignedIn could solve that weren’t initially obvious to us were revealed through this process.

HMW Sign
visitors in whilst
complying with
new GDPR regs
HMW create
a customisable
platform that
works for
every brand

We got busy with UX design

We had all the information from the Discovery session and uncovered a lot of pain points we knew we could elevate, but the best place to start with a new idea is an MVP product - thus allowing us to get real world feed-back on our solution. We planned the launch of our MVP by creating wire-frames and user journeys, then our UI Designers took over.

Basic user flow

Step in, UI designers

Using Sketch, Invision Studio, Invision, and Adobe Illustrator our design team created front-end style guides, end to end visuals, a custom icon set and illustrations for SignedIn.

Tiled screenshots
Screenshots Screenshots

Developers bring the vision to life

Our developers are brought into the project from its inception, which ensures what we are designing is not only possible but so they get a good understanding of the problem the product is solving. With this understanding they know exactly how to execute the perfect product.

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