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So far, so good

Treats is a UK based subscription company, delivering boxes of tasty sweets on a weekly or fortnightly basis. New Socks were commissioned to redesign their existing website and implement a new online checkout.

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A brand is transformed

Inspired by the vibrant colours and fun shapes in a pack of sweets, a new brand was born. A bright, bold colour palette formed the solid base which was built on by using complimentary font-families Lobster and Raleway to add fun to the brand.

Over 160 hand crafted fonts were also created to illustrate products in the Treats cupboard.

Colour palette & type








heading font-family: ‘Lobster’

body font-family: ‘Raleway’


Site mapping

The Treats website isn’t a big one but each page has a strong message that needs to be translated to the customer clearly. With special, discounted pricing being applied to first orders and limited edition boxes coming into play seasonally, it’s important for the customer to understand how Treats works on every page.

Integrating Adyen into the online checkout was also on our ‘to-do’ list. Designing a single page checkout streamlined the user journey and drastically cut down cart abandonment rates.



We got busy with UX Design

There are three main purposes of the Treats website; to inform the user about the brand, to purchase sweets and to login to a custom portal where a user can update their account preferences. Our focus was to remove any areas of friction for a customer to sign up for the service and to make the brand's message of fun loud and clear.

Basic user flow
Treats cupboard
Get started / checkout



Before our UX designers created functional prototypes for user testing they produced sketches which transitioned into the hi-fi wireframes you see here. Several rounds of user testing resulted in various iterations being produced, each reducing any areas of friction whilst keeping high levels of functionality.



The UI Designers got creative

Designing the interface for Treats was a lot of fun for our UI designers. Bright call to actions, custom illustrations and photos of sweets, what’s not to love?! Starting with a brand style guide, the design team tackled each section of the site, ensuring consistency on all devices. A custom line icon set was developed, which is is used across the website and in printed media assets. Each sweet got the VIP treatment with its own hand drawn illustration and font for the Treats cupboard page. The UI designers are currently in the process of designing the new customer portal which will be launched this year.



Developers brought the vision to life

Our team of developers brought the visuals to life and created the website that you see.

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