Design Sprints.

We work with businesses to innovate and validate new ideas in just 4 days.

Design Sprint How Might We sorting

Unlock your team’s potential.

Why use a Design Sprint?

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Fast results.

Solve big business challenges with us in just 4 days. Design Sprints are ideal for rapidly rethinking existing products or creating totally new ones with your team.
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Product validation.

We put a prototype in front of your target audience on day-4 and collect valuable, early feedback, to help shape your product.
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The right solution.

We remove the unstructured and messy design process by utilising the Design Sprint. This ensures we're solving the right problem and build the right solution.

Which challenges are best for Design Sprints?

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Testing new products.

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Validating new features.

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Improving user experiences.

What happens each day?

Design Sprint Day 1
Day 1


Map out the problem, pick a place to focus, and sketch ideas.
Design Sprint day 2
Day 2


Vote on an idea and turn it into a testable prototype.
Design Sprint day 3
Day 3


A New Socks designer creates a high-fidelity prototype.
Design Sprint day 4
Day 4


The final designs are put in front of users for testing.

What's the output?

In a product Design Sprint, a high fidelity prototype is designed and tested on real users. All tests are recorded and sent to you with a full report so you have everything you need to move forward.

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Hi-fidelity prototype.

We create a prototype based on the workshop from day 1 & 2. This could be a digital or non-digital solution.

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User testing videos & feedback

We manage and run user tests on your prototype, collecting feedback for you.

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Final report.

We provide you a final report with what has happened over the week, the results of testing and recommended next steps.

Design Sprint output

Design sprint packages.

We have two packages for you to choose from. An individual sprint will validate your product and provide you with actionable feedback. An iteration sprint, that is run after an individual sprint, will take that feedback and address it, re-testing your product and bringing it closer to being production ready.

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Individual Sprint.

One Design Sprint with New Socks Sprint facilitators. Together, we’ll choose a challenge, produce a prototype and test it in four days.

  • 4-day Design Sprint with your team.
  • Innovate a new or existing product.
  • Get a tested prototype with feedback.
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Sprint & iteration.

We always recommend running an iteration Sprint. This allows you to take your learnings from Sprint one and make valuable improvements.

  • 4-day Design Sprint with your team.
  • 4-day iteration to address feedback.
  • A prototype ready for development.
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Transform your business with our design sprint programme.

If you're looking to introduce a new design culture, or have lots of products in your ecosystem that could do with multiple Design Sprints, then we can help with our Design Sprint programme.

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For teams looking to:
  • Create new business value
  • Establish a culture of innovation
  • Redefine how work happens
  • Transform team performance
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What’s included?
  • Consultation & facilitation services
  • Materials, tools, and frameworks
  • Dedicated support and coaching
  • On-site or remote collaboration

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