Validating new digital ventures.

We work with you for seven days, testing assumptions with potential buyers to find the true potential of your ideas.

Validating new tech ventures

Who benefits from the programme?

At New Socks, we believe every idea deserves a chance. Before blindly launching a product or brand, it's important to understand your market, find your unique values and test your ideas with the right audience.



Even the best one-man bands need support. We tailor our programme to suit the individual, ensuring you get the most out the 7 days.

Start ups


You have your idea, you've set up your company and you know that the first months are key, we save you valuable time and get you answers, fast.

Established businesses

Established businesses.

Your business may be well versed in all things tech but sometimes, a new idea needs a new plan. We work with large corporations to innovate at speed.

Why test your ideas?

You only get one chance to impress your customers or potential investors. A well researched and well presented idea puts you one step ahead.

Relevant user feedback.
Using our tried and tested brand workshop, market research and Design Sprint combination, we ensure your ideas get in front of the right audience, providing you with vital early feedback.
  • Get your product in front of users
  • Get your product in front of buyers
  • Validate your idea after just 7 days
Ready for investors.
After taking part in our seven-day New Venture Programme, you’ll be equipped with:
  • Brand values and positioning
  • Market research
  • A digital prototype
  • User and buyer feedback
  • A detailed report and summary

Your ideas are safe with us.

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Before the first workshop, we’ll send you signed copies of our legally binding confidentiality agreement.
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IP rights.

We protect your intellectual property rights, meaning you receive 100% of the profits from your new venture.
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100% confidential.

Everything you share with us is completely confidential. We never disclose information to any third party.

How do we help?

In just seven days, we define your brand, analyse your market, produce a prototype, test it with real users and deliver your results.

One day

Brand workshop.

Before launching a new product or service, it's essential to understand your brand values, your positioning and customers.

We start the programme with a 1-day brand workshop to deep-dive into your existing or new business and provide you and your team with a brand anthem.

Brand workshopBrand workshop small
Market researchMarket research mob

One day

Market research.

Based on the findings we conclude from the brand workshop, we conduct multiple interviews to get an accurate sense of your potential market.

Our findings then influence whom we invite along to user test your prototype in the next phase of the programme.

Four days

Design Sprint or Product Design week.

If you are a single entrepreneur, our experienced team will work with you to define and build a digital product ready for user testing in just 4 days.

If you're part of a larger team, we run a 4-day Design Sprint, where with our guidance, you design your product and we turn it into a prototype ready for user testing.

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Design Sprint ProgrammesDesign Sprint Programmes small
resultsPresentation results mob

One day

Summary and report.

All of our findings from the seven days go into a detailed pack, which you can use to decide on next steps for your idea or to pitch to investors.

If you already have investors and need a partner to help realise your product, our technical engineers can work with you to develop the perfect solution.

Our deliverables.

Everything we cover over the seven-day programme will be packaged up for you. Our designers create a detailed presentation pack and you will have access to all prototypes and user test results.

Brand presentation

Brand workshop presentation.

Market research presentation
Market research presentation.
User tested, digital prototype.
Investor presentation
Summary and report.

Ready to validate your ideas?

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