We're New Socks Media, a design thinking digital agency.

We build web and software applications, based on user research and discovery,
providing you with innovative products that deliver tangible results.

Curating experiences.

What do we do?

We create user centered experiences, that meet business goals, by simplifying complex challenges and using data driven creative solutions. We run projects in an open enviroment using Google Hangouts, Slack, Invision, & Trello to keep you informed throughout the process.

What we believe in?

We believe in a collaborative approach, with people being at the centre of what we do. We are passionate about having a positive impact on our clients' businesses, and always challenging ourselves.

Our approach

We build products based on research and analysis, delivering powerful business insights along the way. We take an iterative approach, so your product will continually evolve alongside your customer and business needs.

User centred

Our unique user experience approach ensures we create products that delight the user. We bridge the gap between digital and reality, with the customer at the centre of everything we do.

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Projects created
in collaboration

Our work


Collaborative research

Discovery is at the heart of a project. We learn about your brand, your customers and align the research we carry out with your business goals. Ensuring unparalleled business growth.

Design & build

We align business strategy with creativity, to create tangible commercial results. We put the user first in our design, and focus on simplicity to communicate your brand message and meet goals.

Support & grow

Our job isn’t done when your product is delivered. We believe in continual improvement and iterate based on data and feedback. An approach suited for fast moving companies.

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UX Design
UI Design

Delivering success

Our clients’ knowledge is the key to our success, and by providing user experiences inspired by people, we humanise digital products which deliver results.

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