Design Systems.

Enabling teams to build better products, faster by making design reusable, accessible and robust.

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What makes up a Design System?

Design systems are not only essential for building beautiful products, they also ensure a consistent and intuitive user experience.

Reusable components are designed using clearly defined standards, which come together to create a variety of digital products.

Visual inventory.

This includes brand typography, colours and a consistent spacing structure for your designs.

User Interface Elements.

Buttons, cards and models can range from single items to complex, grouped components.

Why use a Design System?

Accessibility icon

They’re accessible.

A beautiful product that doesn’t adhere to accessibility standards is a bad product. We ensure the product conforms to WCAG.
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They unite us.

Fragmented design can be a problem in larger teams when designers and developers solve problems individually.
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They’re robust.

Our Design Systems go through vigorous testing so you can release new UI elements without breaking your product.

Visual vs Code.

Visual style guides are component based libraries with information about all component attributes. Easily copy and paste assets into your designs.

Visual Design SystemVisual Design System

Coded styleguides make it easy for you to integrate your new components into your digital products. All elements come with documentation so new developers can join the project and build everything to the same standards.

Coded Design SystemCoded Design System

How we help established businesses with existing products.

One-day workshop.
Before any redesign, it’s important to take stock of what’s already there. Analysing existing components helps us to remove inconsistencies and narrow our focus.
  • Audit of current design library
  • Strip out inconsistent styles
  • Prioritise and categorise components
What's the output?
After the one-day workshop, our designers and developers deliver:
  • Workshop summary pack
  • Audit of CSS styles in your product
  • Re-design of prioritised components
  • If required, front-end development
  • Product release strategy

How we help new businesses with new products.

Half-day workshop.
New Design Systems can be daunting. By understanding your users and prioritising components, we remove noise and are able to put in place a clear strategy.
  • Product and user research
  • Design thinking and problem solving
  • Prioritise new components
What's the output?
After the half-day Design System workshop, our designers and developers deliver:
  • Workshop summary pack
  • Content strategy
  • Design of prioritised components
  • If required, front-end development
  • Product release strategy

Our deliverables.

From workshop summaries to design files, everything we produce will be packaged up for you. Our designers create a detailed presentation pack and you will have access to all design files and code libraries if requested.

Brand presentation

Workshop and presentation.

Market research presentation
Audit of existing products.
Design files in Sketch or Figma.
Investor presentation
Front-end code in Storybook.
Our projects

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