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The fastest way to test an idea

Design Sprints

One Sprint iconIndividual Sprint.

One Design Sprint with New Socks Sprint facilitators. Together, we’ll choose a challenge, produce a prototype and test it in four days.

  • 4-day Design Sprint with your team.
  • Innovate a new or existing product.
  • Get a tested prototype with feedback.
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Sprint and iteration iconSprint & iteration.

We always recommend running an iteration Sprint. This allows you to take your learnings from Sprint one and make valuable improvements.

  • 4-day Design Sprint with your team.
  • 4-day iteration to address feedback.
  • A prototype ready for development.
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Design Sprint package iconSprint programme.

Multiple sprints allow you to introduce change and innovation at scale. We will work with you to deliver new products throughout the year.

  • Multiple Sprints throughout the year.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Additional training resources.
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Branding workshops.

We run branding workshops with teams to understand their brand values, positioning and customers. We use branding workshops when we need to take a deeper dive into your business. We also run them when creating a new identity, so we can better understand who we are working with and your goal.

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Strategy SessionTechnical strategy mobile

Technical strategy.

With growth in technology happening so fast, ensuring your business can keep up with changes is vital. When strategising, we look at your current platform(s) to see what we can adapt to speed up delivery and utilise new tech, best suited to meet your goals while reducing disruption to your business.

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