Network Rail Design Sprint.

Design Sprint
User testing
Digital Design Sprint with Network Rail
Reinventing personal development plans

Improving the process of giving and receiving feedback at Network Rail.

The performance review process is a long established tried and tested method for recording performance, monitoring and helping with career growth and for accessing end of year bonuses, based on performance and goal completion.  

With an increasing workforce that runs into the tens of thousands it can prove hard to keep track of progression and ensure each employee is happy within their role. Network Rail commissioned us to run a Design and Iteration Sprint with them to design a new method that was would better fit their business, and would result in better employee wellbeing and enjoyment in their career.

Design Sprint voting

Putting the right people in the room.

In order to solve a problem like this it is important to get people from different roles, with different perspectives on the performance review process in one room. We had eight participants for this Design and Iteration Sprint, who all contributed to the creation of a new performance tool prototype.

Using a Design Sprint allows everyone to produce problems they perceive as holding them back, create solutions and work on a prototype. - without debate or influence; the group is then able to individually vote on the above and move ideas forwards for testing, in just 4 days.

Network Rail’s values incorporate honesty, openness, courage and service in an environment where they expect supportive and inclusive teamwork.

40,000 +
employees around the country.
£6.6 billion
turnover in 2019.
employees have been with Network Rail for over 40 years.
paid to employees based on their annual performance in 2018.

The team at work.

The team spent the first four days with us and we interviewed them to understand their pain points with the current process, which we then reframed as HMWs (How Might We). The team voted on the issues that they saw as being their biggest; we also set a 6 month goal and asked questions about what could get in their way from achieving this.

Using the Design Sprint the team were able to pick the biggest problems, focus on overcoming barriers and produce solutions to address them. On day 3 we created a digital prototype for the team and got ready for user testing on day 4.

Design Sprint note taking
Design Sprint three part concept
Design Sprint concept creation
Design Sprint User Testing

On day-4 we ran a user tests with the participants who had been screened for testing. All tests were recored, and provided to Network Rail, along with a final report.

We received some useful insights from the participants, that formed the basis of the Iteration Sprint; which is where we addressed these issues and further developed the prototype for another round of user testing.

Network Rail now have a prototype that has been created to directly solve issues with the current performance review process. It has been through 2 rounds of user testing, and iterated based on feedback. The prototype is nearing to being production ready and this was all managed within 8 days.

One Sprint iconIndividual Sprint.

One Design Sprint with New Socks Sprint facilitators. Together, we’ll choose a challenge, produce a prototype and test it in four days.

  • 4-day Design Sprint with your team.
  • Innovate a new or existing product.
  • Get a tested prototype with feedback.
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Sprint and iteration iconSprint & iteration.

We always recommend running an iteration Sprint. This allows you to take your learnings from Sprint one and make valuable improvements.

  • 4-day Design Sprint with your team.
  • 4-day iteration to address feedback.
  • A prototype ready for development.
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Design Sprint package iconSprint programme.

Multiple sprints allow you to introduce change and innovation at scale. We will work with you to deliver new products throughout the year.

  • Multiple Sprints throughout the year.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Additional training resources.
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