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Integrating WhatsApp and creating an intelligent flow builder

Creating fluid customer interactions and utilising the worlds' most popular messaging app.

Engaging with customers goes beyond single interactions on a single platform. Automation, intelligence and the ability for omni-channel experiences mean you can reach your customers and engage with them on terms that best suit them and deliver engaging customer experiences en masse.

The messaging company Power2 engaged with New Socks Media to build them an integration with WhatsApp and a flow builder. We needed to allow messages to be sent in their thousands, whilst delivering a custom experience to each user. We built in fail overs to send messages via SMS if WhatsApp wasn’t delivered, we check replies for keywords and trigger different events based on individual responses. The result is an intelligent flow builder, available to use via API or UI.

Power2 Flow Builder Diagram

Automating communication flows has increase productivity across a variety of clients.

of customers contacted and interacted with at once.
of hours saved needing to re-book deliveries for one client.
4 million +
pallets transported by XPO Spain a year.
renewable electricity used at all XPO sites in Spain.
WhatsApp integration UI

Seamless connections.

One customer that is utilising WhatsApp and flows from Power2 is the global logistics company, XPO Logistics.

They're utilising WhatsApp as their preferred communication channel to contact thousands of people a day, to advise on their delivery slots. Utilising the flow builder and WhatsApp together has allowed XPO to personalise communication en masse, and lower their costs when conversing with their customers vs SMS. Customers can re-book their delivery directly via WhatsApp which has provided a better and faster resolution than using their traditional call centre method.

This technology has taken a business problem and provided a better, cheaper and more scalable solution that is due to advance and get better as we add more customer centred solutions to it.

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Power2 Send WhatsApp UI
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