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A new CRM to keep pace with business growth

When you're in the business of keeping thousands of motorists on the road, you need a CRM solution that keeps you organised, can handle lots of data and provide information to your team quickly.

Warranty First have been growing at a fast pace and with that their old system and various SASS products were no longer able to keep up. Their data became convoluted and was unable to deliver the information in the readable format they required. To support their current growth and future plans they needed a new system to provide them with new features, the ability to query data form one location and to provide a scalable solution for the years of growth to come.

Their new system now allows all teams to access the information they need, so they can make informed decisions quicker. They're also able to collaborate with each other directly in one system, which is resulting in better customer service and a reduction in resolution times.

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A tool for collaboration.

We had to centralise data and break down silos; by offering collaboration across departments, freeing data from behind barriers. This has resulted in creating a better customer experience, due to the tools and information that Warranty First now easily have to hand. By centralising data, and making collaboration the heart of their new system, better business analysis can now be carried out and everyone has access to new tools to better serve the business and its customers.

A platform built for a business that is growing at a fast pace.

of claims paid out annually.
business with dealers and repairers all over the UK.
in revenue passed through the system every year.
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