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Design Sprint for teams
Transforming the digital team at Network Rail

Re-imagining the internal processes for Network Rail’s Digital Factory.

Network Rail is shifting to a Digital Factory approach, which emphasises collaborative ways of working, trying out new innovations with possibilities including the use of machine learning for timetables and relaying operational information on events, such as delays, to passengers in real time.

We started the 4-day Sprint by interviewing the team about their current processes and together came up with a myriad of opportunities and pain points.

New Socks Design Sprint

Digital Factory are focused on designing solutions to make a better and safer railway experience.

invested into Network Rail's IT teams.
20 +
employees in the Digital Factory team.
80 +
applications across their eco system.
1.7 billion
rail journeys on the network per year.

Setting sprint goals.

The team then set themselves a 6 month goal and asked questions about what could get in their way which helped them come up with a host of potential solutions.

On day 2, the team decided on an end to end map for the new Digital Factory. This highlighted current gaps within the team and gave management a clear focus on which skill-set to hire next.

Design Sprint 3 part concept
Design Sprint Drawing
Design Sprint crazy 8s
Design Sprint with Digital Factory

After the team collectively decided on a new end-to-end process for the Digital Factory, they came up with ideas for how they would validate new ideas from their customers. Day three was spent prototyping a user journey which Digital Factory named “Pitch Lab”.

On day four, the team tested their new Pitch Lab idea, which was a great success. So much so that they have adopted the process internally and we look forward to adding to the process with them in the near future.

One Sprint iconIndividual Sprint.

One Design Sprint with New Socks Sprint facilitators. Together, we’ll choose a challenge, produce a prototype and test it in four days.

  • 4-day Design Sprint with your team.
  • Innovate a new or existing product.
  • Get a tested prototype with feedback.
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Sprint and iteration iconSprint & iteration.

We always recommend running an iteration Sprint. This allows you to take your learnings from Sprint one and make valuable improvements.

  • 4-day Design Sprint with your team.
  • 4-day iteration to address feedback.
  • A prototype ready for development.
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Design Sprint package iconSprint programme.

Multiple sprints allow you to introduce change and innovation at scale. We will work with you to deliver new products throughout the year.

  • Multiple Sprints throughout the year.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Additional training resources.
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