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SMS platform by Power2
A powerful communication tool

SMS, WhatsApp and IVR platform built for businesses.

Power2 provide businesses with a marketing and communication platform to be used at scale, but without compromising on personalisation. With the Power2 platform that we built, you are able to send to thousands of contacts at once, in a matter of moments, with the ability to craft each message with the recipients name and additional details you have to hand.

You can deliver your message via SMS or WhatsApp, all within the UI or via API. Your recipients can reply to your campaigns, which you can manage via rules within the platform to trigger responses or actions. There are also additional features such as surveys, attachments, & link tracking.

IVR can be utilised to contact recipients and respond with new recordings based recipient feedback, such as say Yes or press one. The aim with the Power2 platform is to make a marketing and communication platform to help businesses get their message out, whilst keeping it personal and utilising additional features to help manage their campaigns.

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Power2's SMS, WhatsApp, & IVR services are trusted by businesses globally.

Servicing businesses across the globe.
of messages sent via the platform daily.
Increase in text messages sent monthly over the last decade.
of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them.

Create an impression.

With so many communication channels available to businesses these days, it is hard to know if your message has been seen. With SMS & WhatsApp being delivered straight to  devices that respond with delivery & read receipts, it's easy to ensure your customers have received that important message.

With lightning fast responses, we're able to put better customer service at the fingertips of the businesses who use the Power2 platform.

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